Just Outside Our Amsterdam Hotel

Amsterdam is a hot global destination for many reasons. Along with its warm diversity, the Dutch capital also presents a robust dose of cultural and artistic savvy. The Golden Age lives on through a modern lens. From our central Kimpton De Witt address, there’s something for everyone. For outdoor lovers, biking and walking are rites of passage and in the spring, vibrant tulips are in full bloom and ready for a close up. Art lovers will feast their eyes on contemporary Dutch works and famed masterpieces by native Old Masters such as Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt van Rijn and Jan Steen. History connoisseurs will revel in the wealth of monumental landmarks like the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum. Culinary and drink enthusiasts will devour craft breweries, hip cafés, amazing boutique shopping and discerning fine dining. Trust us, once you’ve explored the nooks and crannies of these cobblestone streets and concentric canals, you won’t want to leave.

City Centre

Welcome to the Amsterdam’s buzzy hub of action. What the locals refer to as Centrum, the beating pulse of the City Centre, is filled with lovely canals, small streets and historic buildings.

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Centraal Station

This statuesque Gothic-Renaissance building is Amsterdam’s largest transport hub for high-speed rail travel for easy day trips into the Dutch countryside, three metro lines and quick trains to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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Royal Palace

The Dutch Golden Age lives on. Visitors savor this stately 17th century palace still used by the Royal Family and known for its opulent chandeliers, stunning marble and paintings by artist Govert Flinck.

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A former dairy factory turned non-profit venue hosts a diverse range of music, concerts and art events. There’s also a rotating menu of avant-garde cinema and theatre for both mainstream and counterculture buffs.

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Things To Do

From our central location, there’s a wealth of activity just outside our doors. We invite you to take advantage of all that is Amsterdam, from charming canals to historic sites and edgy attractions.

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