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Let's Keep The Conversation Going

We believe in strong communication. Just like a great relationship, we stop, look and listen. Feel free to call or email us with comments, questions, praise and even recipes (yes, we love a good meal too) and we'll respond quickly.

If you have questions, we have an answer. Should you need to contact us, please call us at 0031 (0)20 5211 888 or email amsnl.reservations@kimptondewitthotel.com. We are happy to make special arrangements for you and look forward to hearing from you. Drop us a line anytime.

International Callers

Country Phone Number
US 11800-5467866
Mexico 001-8772898558
France 0800-913390
Japan 00531-1-22583
Australia 1-800-508697
Spain 900-961875
Switzerland 0800-891435
Brazil 0800-76-21287
Italy 800-875400
UK 00 800 4444 5566

For all other countries, dial 0031 20 5211 888.