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Randy Kempenaar

Humans of Amsterdam by Kimpton De Witt

"I was worried if I would be good enough"

On my first day of work, I was amazed by the beauty of this hotel. I have worked in multiple hotels but never in housekeeping, so I was a bit worried if I was going to be good enough. I know how to clean my own house, but it is different if you clean for other people. It is even more different if you clean 20 rooms in a row. I recently became a direct employee of the hotel and I got promoted. Now I refill the minibars in the hotel. I’ve learned so much since I started working here. I learned to stay positive even when I have a bad day.

When I started, I would often take feedback as criticism. In my first week, a colleague told me to tie my shoelaces. I wanted to tie them but forgot as I was cleaning. A moment later when she walked by again, she told me to tie my shoelaces for the second time.

Instead of taking it as feedback, I felt offended. It really affected my mood that day. Through the experiences I’ve had here at Kimpton, I’ve started to realize that you need to learn from situations instead of feeling offended. Now looking back, I am really thankful to my colleague because she taught me one of the most valuable lessons I learned.

Humans of Amsterdam